Benefits of Being a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Benefits of Being a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)


job that you have to make most out of your working hours. The typical work routine of a licensed practical nurse (LPN) may leave you physically exhausted but it is clear that it delivers you the reward financially as well as emotionally.
Advantages of Becoming an LPN:
There can be a number of pros and cons linked to a profession and which one sheds less or more impact largely depends on the individual. The following points focus on the bright side of the profession of an LPN.
An LPN Spends Less Time in Educational Program than an RN:
The one prominent difference between an LPN and an RN results due to the different educational background. Going through the career path an aspiring LPN student spends just only one year studying a practical nursing program of one year in duration. While it takes 4 years for an aspiring RN to complete the professional nursing degree. Thus, you can add work experience in your resume very quickly. Most of the working LPNs tell that the less duration of the course inspired them to become an LPN.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Predicts Growth In Employment:
Wanting to help people in need on a daily basis is one thing and being sure of the growth in the career for the long term is another. Having a clear sight of how your future looks like help in diminishing anxiety. The LPN jobs are expected to grow by 16 percent till 2024 according to the report of the BLS. The strong reason behind the availability of opportunities at large is that people grow older with time. According to the BLS, the career of an LPN is evergreen for their increasing demand in residential care facilities as well as in environments specially designed for taking care of older patients.

As an LPN You Can Gain Balance Between Work and Life:
You can fulfill your need of giving attention to your family members, especially to your kids working in night shift. An LPN nurse can have a flexible work routine, enough to balance the responsibilities at workplace and home. With working a night shift you can look after your kids during the day. Also, your choice of the work-setting is completely your own. You can approach either hospital, physician’s office or nursing homes to find employment. Simply put, the career of LPN offers you a great balance between work and life.
Variety is the Spice of Life:
The routine of an LPN is not repetitive, unlike the other jobs which have a fixed routine for the employees to follow. Some employees like a consistent change in their routine. Seeing the urgent requirements in a health-care setting an RN can’t predecide a schedule for LPNs. One day as an LPN you will be doing the routine check up to take important signs and another day you will be using your skills and knowledge in an emergency situation. Given the condition, there are a variety of tasks that an LPN can carry out except for assessing the health of the patient.

Appreciation Can Make Your Day:
The patients and their families recognize the hard work of an LPN. Being busy entire day to take care of random patients is more rewarding when someone feels thankful for your kind work. It boosts the self-esteem when what you are doing is capable of saving lives of people you don’t really know. The job of an LPN gives you a chance to form a selfless connection with strangers who eventually become an important part of your life. Therefore, you can always draw immense satisfaction at the end of the day.

Licensure Examination for the LPN Job is Relatively Easy:
Basically, it is due to the different educational path of both RN and LPN which separates them on the basis of salary, roles, and responsibilities. A typical path of an aspiring RN is to earn the bachelor of science in nursing or an associate degree in nursing which extends to 4 years. While there is nothing like for an aspiring LPN student who has to complete a year long accredited program which awards a certificate in practical nursing. After the completion of education, both of the professions require a licensure to practice in a medical setting. Owing to a different level of courses that an LPN and an RN student learn both of them sit for the different exams that they must pass. For an LPN student, the name of examination is known as NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination- Practical Nurse) and an RN student takes NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination- Registered Nurse). The latter one requires more critical thinking so it is comparatively tough. The licensure requirements vary by state.

Options for Further Studies are Open for an LPN:
It might be your practical approach if you are looking forward to gaining work experience first before starting to handle the responsibilities available at a higher level. Having worked for a couple of years an LPN may think of advancing the skills and knowledge so that it results in more satisfaction. The next step after becoming an LPN is the position of the RN. If you manage to complete the special education programs available for an LPN to pursue the role of an RN, eventually you will be increasing your salary.
As discussed earlier, there are always two sides of a coin. Now you must be wondering what are those aspects that make this career path challenging enough. There are some of the cons that are important enough for you to notice before making a decision which will impact the rest of your life.

All Day Long An LPN Needs To Be Physically Active:
The entire day of an LPN consists of moving, transporting and lifting patients. The motion takes the movement of the body parts. Thus an LPN is always under a risk of harboring injuries. A good stamina may prevent excessive tiredness arising due to standing for a long time. The job of an LPN is physically challenging because at the end of the day there might be issues with pain in joints and other parts of the body. The career counselors strongly advise the aspiring LPNs for doing stretching exercises and always keeping themselves fit.

Stress Can Either Make You or Break You:
A little bit of stress is good for motivation but a high surge of stress may conflict with your personal life. The hectic day of an LPN includes paying attention to patients to look after them. The job is very much linked to taking note of details and implementing a plan of action. There is no room for a silly error while dealing with details. A wrong information of the patient is not going to treat the disease with accuracy. Either you can take stress constructively or destructively depending on how you look at it. The constructive attitude is when you pass your entire day so fast and increase your confidence with becoming habitual to the process that you enjoy it. The destructive attitude is when the work pressure makes you tense which eventually may affect the accuracy of your work. At the end of the day either you feel gratitude or feel drained out. It will be better that you learn how to relieve stress so that it doesn’t terrify you.

Salary of an LPN is Less than that of an RN:
Owing to spending relatively less time in medical school it is quite self-explanatory that the salary for the entry level job of an LPN has to be lower than that of an RN. Giving emphasis on figures, the annual salary of an RN on average is $68,450 according to the BLS, while an LPN on average draws $44,090 in a year. If you are looking forward to reducing the educational years then you have to compromise with the amount you can earn in a year. Though, it is valid that your salary can always increase with years of experience or who knows you will be thinking about becoming an RN after a couple of years.

The Risk of Getting Exposed to Fluids of Body:
It is obvious that in a hospital when you are dealing with patients you will often need to deal with fluids of the patient’s body. Even if smelling the blood is problematic for you, you are always under a risk of in taking unwanted chemicals through your nose, eyes or mouth. In addition, you may inflict an injury from the needles of the injection. There are guidelines for safety and precautions that you will be taught so that you can prevent such incidents.

Choosing to become an LPN can be a relatively easy based on what your particular goals are in the medical field. However, schooling for this position must start somewhere…

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